Although anyone who is probably reading this blog is already a member of the ESCP MIM 2013 intake group on Facebook, join that group if you haven’t already. You’d get to meet your future/present (w.e.f. September 2013) classmates!

Then there are ongoing discussions about accommodations, WhatsApp groups, some other formalities and processes and etc.

Also, if you have other unanswered questions, then you may post them on the Facebook group or contact your seniors. I’d like to mention that Samta Kothari and Kshitij Goyal, our immediate seniors from the 2012 intake batch, have been of tremendous help to me, down from zeroing on ESCP to the visa process and accommodations.

PS: Don’t bug them for every little thing, like I did/do :p . You may also post your queries here.

Group for ESCP Europe MIM/Grande Ecole 2013 admits:

ESCP Europe MIM 2013 Intake

Ayush Gupta (AG)


Campus Choice and Free Intensive French Course

logo_bigBon matin,

Howdie people? About 3 days back I received an email from ESCP which had two forms attached to it:
1. Campus Choice form
2. Free Intensive French course

Basically, the first form let’s you choose a campus of your choice from either Paris, London, Turin, Berlin, Madrid or some predefined combinations.

But if you know only English and/or French and have a degree from a non business bachelors, say engineering, you don’t have any choice. You have to select Paris.
If, however, you are multilingual in a few European languages, then you have loads of options and may even select upto 3 colleges for 3 degrees and a super international experience.

The other form resembles the 1 page form you filled earlier to accept your position at ESCP. This form is for you to accept or decline your place for a free, 4 day, basic French course, which would start on 20th August, 2013. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve already taken 3.5 months of French lessons in India and you may have taken more or many more lessons than I have, but I’d still recommend you to accept your place for this course as it would only give you more time to acquaint yourself with the school, students and of course Paris!

So fill your forms and shout out for any help that you may require.

A bientôt

Ayush Gupta

PS: The free Intensive French course at ESCP that starts before the M1 session is 4 days long and not 1 month. Please pardon my misinterpretation.

PPS: The modified logo is just my perception. Not sure if it it really signifies that.


Ayush Gupta (AG)

Interview at Campus France + NOC


After creating an account via (http://www.inde.campusfrance.org/en/page/online-application), and uploading scanned documents (transcripts, degrees, work ex letters and etc) plus manually entering them along with the uploads, I was called for a short interview at the Campus France office in Delhi. The interviewer checks all the original documents and then asks a few questions about your motivation for the course, why you selected a specific school and why France. After successful completion of this interview, you are presented with a a letter – No Objection Certificate (NOC).

After you’ve received the NOC from Campus France, you may proceed to booking your appointment at the VFS/VISA office in your city/country. I was told that the appointment at the visa office should be taken about two months prior to leaving for france.

Note: This is a compulsory process and before applying for the visa you must go through this. The fee for this clearance, in February 2013, is/was Rs. 8500/-, but may vary elsewhere or at another instance of time. Also, this does not include the Visa fee that would be paid separately at the Visa office.

More info at: http://www.inde.campusfrance.org/en/page/step-step-visa-procedure

Ciao for now

Ayush Gupta


Ayush Gupta (AG)



This post is about accommodation.

I have just recently applied to Maison de L’Inde ( a.k.a India House) for accommodation.

While some schools offer accommodations within their campuses, some schools, especially the ones in Paris, do not. But these schools may have tie ups with some residencies, Le Vivaldi residency in ESCP’s case. Then the students can either opt for these or search for other, and sometimes cheaper alternatives.

The most popular choice among students is ‘Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris’. And this is what I applied for. Now you’re probably wondering why I said Maison de L’Inde and not CIUP. The reason is that CIUP is a residency campus spread over a very large area which consists of dozens of houses. These houses are named after the countries that they represent. So when I applied to CIUP, my application automatically got forwarded to Maison de L’Inde.

The application procedure can be found on www​.ciup.fr/en/node.

After this process I received an email from Maison de L’Inde requesting the following documents (this list may vary from house to house):

1. Copy of passport.
2. Copy of admission letter from a Parisian university.
3. Copy of last obtained degree.
4. An affidavit of support or a bank statement from your guarantor for financial security.

After the successful submission of these documents, I received a quick mail from the very courteous staff at Maison de L’Inde as an acknowledgement.

Please note that if in case you want to apply here, do so as soon as possible because the rooms here get occupied very quickly. Let’s hope they have a vacant room for me 🙂

Important info.

Almost all international students get accommodation support from the French government. This is called “Caf.”. You have to apply for Caf. once you’ve reached Paris. I don’t have full info about this yet, but I’ll update it once I join ESCP Europe in August.

PS: You can contact me on this blog for further information.

Link to Maison de L’Inde – http://maisondelinde.free.fr/site/website/first_page.htm


Ayush Gupta (AG)

What is MIM/Grande Ecole?

MIM = masters in management
MBA = maters in business administration

Worldwide, an MBA is considered to be more prestigious than an MIM degree. But here in France (I’m still in India. So, there in France :p) MIM is a more accepted and according to some stats on the Internet, roughly 80% of the CEOs in France have MIM/Grande Ecole degrees. Grandes Ecoles in France, according to Wikipedia, are higher
education establishments outside the main
framework of the French university system. So if you’re going for an MIM degree in business you may as well call it a Grande Ecole degree.

Why is it considers better than an MBA in France?
I’ll try to give my own inference here. MIM degrees are generally 1 year degrees and sometimes considered money minting degrees for colleges which offer MBAs as their flagship programmes, which are longer and more competitive. Another reason for MBAs to be more famous is that almost all of the students in an MBA class have prior work experience.

In France, however, the MIM degrees are 2 year long courses, are the flagship programmes and allow students to go for internships by taking a gap year or sometimes gap yearS between the 1st and the 2nd year(which in this case becomes the 3rd or the 4th year :p).

So, this my explanation, and probably the right explanation.

Au revoir fellas

Ayush Gupta (AG)

Learn French

Bonjour. Comment ça va?

Don’t know French? No? Then lean it!
Don’t worry I don’t know French either, but after getting admitted to ESCP I’ve stated taking French classes 🙂
I’d recommend that you do the same. And the most preferred place to learn French is Alliance Française.

Although the course is strictly in English , and, yes, ESCP provides free French classes to intensional students before the session starts, and, yes, there are compulsory French classes during your studies, plus you’ll be living in France, it’s always good to know the basics before you leave your country 🙂




Ayush Gupta (AG)

Admission process

Alright, so as per my knowledge you can enter this school but two tracks-

1. By Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles (for French residents)
2. By the SAI admissions process

I won’t talk about the 1st method because I didn’t/couldn’t apply through it.

The SAI track has three sessions. The first session is reserved for students who have taken the GMAT only. The other two sessions are open for GMAT, GRE, TAGE-MAGE test takers.

Although I did sit the IELTS, you do not really need it if you apply with your GMAT or GRE test scores. Although taking the IELTS might come in handy when you apply for the French Visa through Campus France. More on the Visa process later. I haven’t applied for one yet. But just so you know it’s much different from applying for your regular vacation visa.

Back to SAI.
With the SAI process you week be given the option to choose upto 5 colleges (no, there are no separate application fees) from:
EM Lyon
Audencia Nantes

Though I only chose the top 3 colleges.

After successful completion of the SAI form, you may be called for an interview, which is generally taken by 3 French officers and is face-to-face.

And if you pass the interview you may receive an offer from the one or more of the universities you selected, depending on how the respective universities found your application and interview to be.

Then you select your preferred college and that is pretty much it.


Au revoir

Ayush Gupta (AG)

The beginning

This is more of a journal than a blog. In the following posts I will write about my journey to École supérieure
de commerce de Paris or ESCP Europe (world’s first business school). I took the GMAT and had a respectable score; and this helped me get a 50% (which is awesome!) scholarship from the school for the Grande Ecole (a.k.a Masters in Management) programme, 2013. The school has a very good reputation in France and sits at the second position in the world rankings (2012) on financial times for masters in management programmes.

I will continue to add to this journal, the selection process, how I’m preparing to make the most out of my stay in Paris and etc etc.

Ayush Gupta