First steps in Spain


So, first step’s first: The duration of your VISA!

1. If you applied for a visa of a duration longer than 180 days, then you have to go through some shit!
2. If your visa is valid for 180 days or less, then you’re sorted! Go grab drink and eat some Tapas! And get your Empadronamiento , only if you wish to do so (read problem numero 1)

Problem numero 1: The empadronamiento

This document is optional if you’re staying for a short period, but may come in handy. If you ever get caught doing things that you shouldn’t do or if you’re in some sort of trouble, then it’ll be easy for the state to put you back in place. Not having the Empadronamiento i.e. not being registered with your municipality, you might have some trouble. But again, it’s optional.
However, if you’re staying fro more than 180 days, you HAVE to get it to go forward to the next step: Getting your TIE (residence card)

How to get it?

1. Head to this website to get an appointment:
2. Click on “Pedir Cita Previa Reserve su cita desde aquí”
3. Select “Atención al cidadano”
4. Select “PADRON”
5. Select your municipality office (in some urgent cases, I have heard, that you may also select some other municipality’s office. But check again)
6. Take your appointment and be on time with your documents:

7. That’s all. You’ll get it right away (takes like 5 minutes or so).
Problem numero 2: TIE

So, I can’t say for everyone, but from my personal experience and a friend’s experience you get your NIE printed on your Spanish VISA. This is something new and I’m not sure when this started, but my friend (from Canada) got our Visas in July 2015, and we had our NIEs printed on the VISA. So, I’d assume that this is the case for you too. So, you can easily open a bank account! Because most banks ask for your NIE number. Anyway, it doesn’t really help with the TIE process.

NIE is some sort of National ID number, so students with visas lasting less than 180 days are chill (Don’t read anymore). But, when you apply for a longer visa, then you get a 3 month visa (sounds weird, no?). This has to be extended for 1 year. That’s why you need the TIE. The TIE will be your VISA/residence permit. It’ll have your NIE, too. Hahaha. So, you guys have to get to this place (I went there too because no one was there to help me out. Lol. Not so lol):

Avenida de los Poblados, s/n
28024 – MADRID
Phone: 91-322 86 82/ 85 85
91-322 85 29/ 67 / 68 / 69 / 70 (teléfonos para cita previa)
Open Hours: from 9.00 to 13.00 h from Monday to Friday
Metro: Empalme, Aluche

Because I got to know that I don’t need it anymore, I didn’t investigate further. The place is super crowded so be on time. Read this awesome write-up by “My City Life Madrid” guys for the steps:





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