A New Hope

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Enfin, we have received another email from ESCP Open-mouthed smile

The mail was dispatched by Ms. Eponine TURMEL from the international admissions council. She has been of great help and has been very prompt in responding to mails and phone calls. This email contained 3 attachments, namely:

  • The Welcome Booklet,
  • The Academic Calendar of the program
  • The Application form to rent a room at the Vivaldi Residence

The welcome booklet is particularly very useful and explains:

  1. The Visa process
  2. What to do and where to go on arrival
  3. Accommodation and other living expenses
  4. Administrative formalities
  5. Health and other medical aids in France
  6. Must see places and must do things in Paris

So, basically it’s a pretty extensive 23 page Paris guide for students Open-mouthed smile

Also, please check out the academic calendar to get a clear idea about the exam date sheet and more importantly, the ample breaks (Autumn, Christmas, Winter and Spring).

If you would want to apply to Le Vivaldi residence, then fill the form and send it to the email address mentioned on the form and not to Ms. Turmel. The rent is quite steep at first, but that’s the only choice we have right now. The rooms get booked really quickly, so send the form back ASAP.

Apart from these attachments, Ms. Turmel states that there will be a short test on 19th August at 2pm that will help the college decide the group that we fit in the best for the Intensive French classes from 20th August to 23rd August. We will also get compulsory French courses throughout the year. Then, there was something about a French reader who would help us in some way; but I couldn’t really understand that Smile with tongue out.  The mail also mentions that the Intranet login will be provided by the school next week.

There’s also a link for job surveys: Click here for First job survey

Ayush Gupta (AG)


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