Although anyone who is probably reading this blog is already a member of the ESCP MIM 2013 intake group on Facebook, join that group if you haven’t already. You’d get to meet your future/present (w.e.f. September 2013) classmates!

Then there are ongoing discussions about accommodations, WhatsApp groups, some other formalities and processes and etc.

Also, if you have other unanswered questions, then you may post them on the Facebook group or contact your seniors. I’d like to mention that Samta Kothari and Kshitij Goyal, our immediate seniors from the 2012 intake batch, have been of tremendous help to me, down from zeroing on ESCP to the visa process and accommodations.

PS: Don’t bug them for every little thing, like I did/do :p . You may also post your queries here.

Group for ESCP Europe MIM/Grande Ecole 2013 admits:

ESCP Europe MIM 2013 Intake

Ayush Gupta (AG)


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