Campus Choice and Free Intensive French Course

logo_bigBon matin,

Howdie people? About 3 days back I received an email from ESCP which had two forms attached to it:
1. Campus Choice form
2. Free Intensive French course

Basically, the first form let’s you choose a campus of your choice from either Paris, London, Turin, Berlin, Madrid or some predefined combinations.

But if you know only English and/or French and have a degree from a non business bachelors, say engineering, you don’t have any choice. You have to select Paris.
If, however, you are multilingual in a few European languages, then you have loads of options and may even select upto 3 colleges for 3 degrees and a super international experience.

The other form resembles the 1 page form you filled earlier to accept your position at ESCP. This form is for you to accept or decline your place for a free, 4 day, basic French course, which would start on 20th August, 2013. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve already taken 3.5 months of French lessons in India and you may have taken more or many more lessons than I have, but I’d still recommend you to accept your place for this course as it would only give you more time to acquaint yourself with the school, students and of course Paris!

So fill your forms and shout out for any help that you may require.

A bientôt

Ayush Gupta

PS: The free Intensive French course at ESCP that starts before the M1 session is 4 days long and not 1 month. Please pardon my misinterpretation.

PPS: The modified logo is just my perception. Not sure if it it really signifies that.


Ayush Gupta (AG)


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