Interview at Campus France + NOC


After creating an account via (, and uploading scanned documents (transcripts, degrees, work ex letters and etc) plus manually entering them along with the uploads, I was called for a short interview at the Campus France office in Delhi. The interviewer checks all the original documents and then asks a few questions about your motivation for the course, why you selected a specific school and why France. After successful completion of this interview, you are presented with a a letter – No Objection Certificate (NOC).

After you’ve received the NOC from Campus France, you may proceed to booking your appointment at the VFS/VISA office in your city/country. I was told that the appointment at the visa office should be taken about two months prior to leaving for france.

Note: This is a compulsory process and before applying for the visa you must go through this. The fee for this clearance, in February 2013, is/was Rs. 8500/-, but may vary elsewhere or at another instance of time. Also, this does not include the Visa fee that would be paid separately at the Visa office.

More info at:

Ciao for now

Ayush Gupta


Ayush Gupta (AG)


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