This post is about accommodation.

I have just recently applied to Maison de L’Inde ( a.k.a India House) for accommodation.

While some schools offer accommodations within their campuses, some schools, especially the ones in Paris, do not. But these schools may have tie ups with some residencies, Le Vivaldi residency in ESCP’s case. Then the students can either opt for these or search for other, and sometimes cheaper alternatives.

The most popular choice among students is ‘Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris’. And this is what I applied for. Now you’re probably wondering why I said Maison de L’Inde and not CIUP. The reason is that CIUP is a residency campus spread over a very large area which consists of dozens of houses. These houses are named after the countries that they represent. So when I applied to CIUP, my application automatically got forwarded to Maison de L’Inde.

The application procedure can be found on www​

After this process I received an email from Maison de L’Inde requesting the following documents (this list may vary from house to house):

1. Copy of passport.
2. Copy of admission letter from a Parisian university.
3. Copy of last obtained degree.
4. An affidavit of support or a bank statement from your guarantor for financial security.

After the successful submission of these documents, I received a quick mail from the very courteous staff at Maison de L’Inde as an acknowledgement.

Please note that if in case you want to apply here, do so as soon as possible because the rooms here get occupied very quickly. Let’s hope they have a vacant room for me 🙂

Important info.

Almost all international students get accommodation support from the French government. This is called “Caf.”. You have to apply for Caf. once you’ve reached Paris. I don’t have full info about this yet, but I’ll update it once I join ESCP Europe in August.

PS: You can contact me on this blog for further information.

Link to Maison de L’Inde –


Ayush Gupta (AG)


4 thoughts on “Accommodation

  1. hello! I am also an admitted student of ESCP this year from China, you can call me Daniel. Now I am looking for accommodation in Paris and luckily, I found this page. After reading your article, I am curious about the rent fees of CIUP per month. Can you provide more information for me? thanks a lot!

    • Hello Daniel,
      The rent at CIUP’s Maison de L’Inde ( India house ) is approximately Euro 395 per month. But if and when you apply to CIUP, your application may be redirected to a housing specific to students from your country. I would recommend that you check with the management at CIUP directly. Thanks for visiting this blog. I hope that I was off help to you. Kindly direct other prospective escp students here too, so they can share their experiences. Also, go to the awesome links section on this blog and join the SAI and ESCP groups on Facebook.

      Ayush Gupta

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