What is MIM/Grande Ecole?

MIM = masters in management
MBA = maters in business administration

Worldwide, an MBA is considered to be more prestigious than an MIM degree. But here in France (I’m still in India. So, there in France :p) MIM is a more accepted and according to some stats on the Internet, roughly 80% of the CEOs in France have MIM/Grande Ecole degrees. Grandes Ecoles in France, according to Wikipedia, are higher
education establishments outside the main
framework of the French university system. So if you’re going for an MIM degree in business you may as well call it a Grande Ecole degree.

Why is it considers better than an MBA in France?
I’ll try to give my own inference here. MIM degrees are generally 1 year degrees and sometimes considered money minting degrees for colleges which offer MBAs as their flagship programmes, which are longer and more competitive. Another reason for MBAs to be more famous is that almost all of the students in an MBA class have prior work experience.

In France, however, the MIM degrees are 2 year long courses, are the flagship programmes and allow students to go for internships by taking a gap year or sometimes gap yearS between the 1st and the 2nd year(which in this case becomes the 3rd or the 4th year :p).

So, this my explanation, and probably the right explanation.

Au revoir fellas

Ayush Gupta (AG)


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